Thursday, April 30, 2020

New Designs Ahead

Sweet Little Birds I Miss You Teacher Postcard
I've been working on adding a lot of postcards to my shop, ironically something that I all but eliminated from my store when I came back to it last Fall.  I thought - who sends postcards anymore!?  So I deleted almost all of them and opted for the new-to-me flat invitations for my designs.  But now, here we are in social distancing, and my customers are buying postcards!  So I'm working as much as I can to add them back in!  I'm also homeschooling my kids now, so it's going slower than I'd like, but I have to remind myself to just keep going. Little by little it will all get done.

This design is a new one that I created last week.  I'd been wondering how I would like alcohol markers for a long time.  I treated myself and finally bought some a few weeks ago and this is the first design I finished with them. I'm pleased!  I love watercolor the best, but right now with my kids home, I just don't have that amount of time.  So you can expect to see a lot more like this as these isolation weeks continue. I'm thankful to have this hobby to give me something to work on during the downtime (and to help me relax after the long, long days of no downtime)!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day

I hope wherever you are that you're able to enjoy some time outdoors on this 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  We haven't ventured out at all beyond our yard and neighborhood since social distancing began in early March, but today we are going to try to go to a local park.  It's a fairly rural park without playgrounds or sports fields, so normally there are maybe two other cars in the parking area. I'm hoping today is the same and we can get in a much-needed family hike on the trails.  Normally when we suggest going to this park, my kids don't want to go, but today they were both excited at the idea - silver linings, everyone! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

No.13 Skating

Vincent Guaraldi, Skating
Day 19
Even my quarantine project is playing pranks for April Fools. Today's random song was sans lyrics. To be honest, I have very little to say either. 

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

No.12 Beautiful Day

U2, Beautiful Day
Day 18


Visit my Instagram if you want to see these project song sketches all in one neat place!
[Original Post on Quarantine Project here]

Monday, March 30, 2020

No.11 I'm Not Through

OK GO, I'm Not Through
Day 17

My kids went to reading time at two o'clock. I shuffled my music and started drawing while I listened to the news for the day. In the thirty-five minutes it took me to do this, the statistics ticker on the news jumped 10,000 higher for infections and over 300 higher for deaths.  The middle was going to be all flowers, but it seemed more appropriate to say it again - Stay home & be well.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

No.10 Hey Mama

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Hey Mama
Day 16
Not impressed with our leadership through this event and these lyrics reminded me of it. Maybe controversial to put it out there, but it's how I feel.  Too little, too late.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

No.9 At Christmas

Aloe Blacc, At Christmas
Day 15

It occurred to me while listening to this holiday song that we are essentially doing the same thing right now. One of the things that makes the Christmas holiday so special is just that everyone stops the hustle for a little while and spends extra time together. Although not nearly as festive, and with quite a bit more stress, I'm finding this quarantine to be a lot like a sort of (twisted) holiday. More family time together, different meals, extra kindness and care, checking in with family and friends more frequently...  I kind of love thinking about it this way.

My six-year-old told me a few days ago that he hoped the coronavirus was gone by Christmas so Santa wouldn't catch it.  So they might not understand all of what's going on out there, but they've got their worries, too.  So pajama day(s) it is in our house - get all the joy wherever you can!

Friday, March 27, 2020

No.8 It Don't Matter Now

George Ezra, It Don't Matter Now
Quarantine Day 14
I've officially not left my house in 14 days, and I'm more than okay with it. My son has two more days to go to reach the two-week mark, and my husband has five.  We're not planning any outings other than the grocery store, which if we can find available delivery we will do that instead!  I'm really well suited to this.  I'm an extreme introvert- (have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs assessment? I had zero E's).  While many people can't wait to get out and socialize again, I'm feeling over-socialized with my husband and two kids at home all day every day. But I'm grateful we can all be here safe right now. 

This morning I mentioned to my husband how everything aside from Coronavirus news seems completely superfluous to me. I respect people who need a break from the doom and gloom - I totally get it - but for me, information brings me comfort. I love data and the more information the better, so I have a hard time focusing on anything else right now. I can't even get creative enough to produce any of my normal art or products. Nothing seems to matter aside from the current crisis.  So when this song came on for my daily creative outlet/quarantine project, I just smiled and leaned in. 

So many of the things we worried or thought about before a few weeks ago just don't matter anymore. Our annual camping vacation we had to cancel? It doesn't matter. Plans to go visit family for Spring break? It doesn't matter. Dentist appointments? Scheduling the furnace guy? Getting more products into my shop? Finding new cleats for soccer? On and on... doesn't matter.

The only thing that matters right now, really ever, is taking good care of myself and my family so we can all come out of this with our sanity intact.

And if you haven't heard of George Ezra, go google him and enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

No.7 Tropic Moon

Josh Rouse, Tropic Moon
Quarantine Day 13
Quarantine sketch featuring the pair of finches that visit our window every single day.