Tuesday, May 1, 2007

To Start...

I've been zazzling for a while now - it's a great excuse to make art (or sometimes just to make something out of nothing) and I love adding products to fill up my gallery. Recently I've noticed my sales are a little more frequent and I'm getting a few more visitors to my gallery, so I'm starting up this blog for those who like to read about the artists they buy from, those who like to network, and those who are just plain curious!

So, a little about me... I've always been interested in art. When I was a child, I loved to draw. I drew a whole sketchbook full of only horses (ha!), illustrated a children's book, and had a drawing entered into an art contest by my third grade art teacher. Growing up, art was always a favorite subject of mine, and in high school I began to paint with watercolors and took courses in graphic design. In college I took several art courses and learned about sculpture, acrylics, and other media. After school, I started crafting and selling arts & crafts at local festivals and shows! I enjoy lots of different types of art, which is what makes Zazzle so great - lots of options and lots to see!

So hopefully I will have better luck keeping this blog up to date with new products & designs & happenings... I've tried my hand at blogs several times and always seem to lose interest - so here's fair warning! :) Until next post... enjoy!