Thursday, August 27, 2009

IMT: Pear

"What a Pair!"


I always especially love when someone purchases this picture because it is from my own wedding-moon in Jamaica and was written a few hours after we tied the knot!

Canvas #2

Canvas number 2 - Halloween Night - (I did this in watercolor, but wasn't happy with how it turned out b/c I had bought the wrong type of paper! So I decided it was next on the list to remake on canvas.) Here's a close up:


Another sale of the love birds!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something New...

I signed up with Etsy a long while ago just to see what it was all about, but decided my stuff just wasn't quite right for it. Now I can't remember why I decided that, but I'm sure I had a good reason at the time... :) Every week I get Etsy updates in my emailbox, and they always have great tips and end up drawing me into the site to browse at everyone's fantastic work. I'm so impressed with the amount of creativity there! The more I do this, the more I think maybe it is time to give it a try and set up shop. Right now, my goal is to get one going by the holidays... this gives me a few months to work on things to actually put in the shop! I don't want to sell my watercolors, so I'm going to try my hand at canvas panels to start.

I did my first one yesterday - a replica of "Let's Patch Things Up" in fall colors. I knew it would be a lot different than watercolors, and at first I thought I didn't like it as much, but it turned out okay in the end (I'm never happy until my hand is cramping from adding the pen details anyway)! I need to work on doing backgrounds though... I'm used to leaving it white on watercolors, but I don't like that look on canvas, so that will be a work in progress!

If anyone has any starter advice about Etsy - I'd love to hear it! Just comment or email me!


Sold this cookie invitation design today!

That's my kind of party. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


My husband started a new blog this weekend called John Duffy's Encore. I'm tempted to make fun of him in a playful sort of way because he always names everything after himself... first and last name - John Duffy's Places, John Duffy's Words, John Duffy's Sacrifices, John Duffy's Encore, not to mention always saying "hey this is John Duffy" when calling anyone on the phone - even to me or his parents who are well aware of his full name, which cracks me up. But I digress... this newest blog spawned over a conversation we had about music, youtube, great songs, and covers of great songs... We started searching youtube for cover songs and found some really blog-worthy stuff! I'm going to help out on the blog as a contributor of my favorite cover finds (good, bad, or just weird), so be sure to check it out! Lots of great music to come! Comments are welcome - I know everyone has opinions on covers!! :)

Happy Monday.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

IMT: Cupcakes

(Click to view larger)

New Design

Another new one! I'm also working on another one that I hope to get posted tomorrow - stay tuned! This one is called "Rain Shower"!
(click image to view larger)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I ran across a funny, new blog today called There are some people who are really offended by this blog, but I think it's all in good fun - and it definitely made me laugh. He's more funny than annoying, and I'm sure most wives can relate to her stories!

And according to the article I read, her husband thinks it's funny, too. It's important to be a good sport. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

IMT: Pink & Orange

Here's a new design I've been working on called "Let's Patch Things Up". I kept the IMT theme of pink and orange in mind as I painted it yesterday...

(Click to view larger)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Design

Here's a new design called "Halloween Night"- I know it's a bit early, but it's always a fun theme to paint. :) Tricky birds gather up all the treats they can find on Halloween night...

(click to magnify)

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Design

... I don't think the carnivals and fairs have this game anymore (at least I hope not - poor fishies never lived longer than a week), but I used to love it when I was a kid. The PWC fair is coming up next week, so I thought this design was fitting...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I sold these Love Birds RSVP cards today - always an honor for one of my illustrations to be a part of such a special occasion! :)

Love Birds RSVP Card postcard

Thursday, August 13, 2009

10,000 Visitors!

I've been waiting for a few weeks for my stats to reach the 10,000 visitors mark for my zazzle gallery, and it just happened! It's exciting to be in the double digits, but I just found something even more exciting...
On google analytics, I can break down my visitors on the map to find out just how many visits I've gotten from cities around the world! I've been using google analytics for a while - how did I not notice this until now?! It's amazing to see traffic coming in from all around the world from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Nairobi, Kenya to Graz, Austria to Invercargill, New Zealand... on and on.

It seems that now I'll be getting a geography lesson along with tracking my page stats!

And Yay for 10,000 global visits! :)

Worth Watching...

I saw a really great documentary on Animal Planet tonight, and was all ready to blog about it - but my husband beat me to it. :) He was much more clever about it than I would have been, so I won't even try it. Visit his post to read about Christian the Lion (with a really sweet video of him, too).

Card Shower

This is a new "Card Shower" postcard to send out in honor of a special event! This one is a custom design for a 50th Anniversary. Instead of a party, they are inviting friends & family to participate in a card shower - sending in favorite memories, old stories, and congratulations to the happy couple on their golden anniversary! It's a great way to remember a special event in someone's life.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today these are shipping off to the UK -

These are actually business cards ("chubby" sized) that make great little handouts for updated information. I originally made them for myself when we moved back in March. I got good feedback on them, so I made a few more...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sold these new address cards today. I can't figure out how to post the backs of the cards to show the "new address" part, so here's the front until I can figure that out!

Click to see the back

New Design

After making the cats design a few days ago, I felt the need to make one for the dogs, too...

IF: Impatience

"Slow Growing"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Find...

As much as I love zazzle and all the great artwork and designs that are on there, occasionally you do come across some items that are complete crap. I just stumbled upon a blog that showcases some of these designs... There are a lot of folks who upload any and all pictures from a public photo site onto every and all possible items and flood the marketplace with really crappy designs. So you'll find a baby tee that says something that should be on adult tees only, because someone didn't take the time to actually put this design on appropriate products. Or you'll find a product with an image that just doesn't fit or make sense.

This one made me laugh out loud... That's one proud parent.

Today's Best Award

Today this design got a "Today's Best" Award!

IMT: Positivity

My first submission to Inspire Me Thursday! The theme this week was positivity, so I thought this one was appropriate...

Theme Sites

I found a couple of theme sites today that look like a lot of fun, so I'm going to try them out! Inspire Me Thursday (IMT) and Illustration Friday (IF). They both have weekly themes for creating artwork, and I really enjoyed looking through everyone's different interpretations of the theme. So i think I'll give it a try! Stay tuned for my contribution...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Design

I spent the last week housesitting two really adorable cats... one of which just got shaved and looks like this:

Kitty Gray gets shaved. card

So here's a new design with kitties (who are not nearly as cute as that sad, shaved gray cat)!
Purrfect Birthday card
Purrfect Birthday by tiffjamaica

River to Sea Gallery

This is the River to Sea Gallery tour! My sister-in-law, Rebecca Duffy Bush, and brother-in-law, Tim Bush, are both fantastic artists (Browse through their art here) and this is their new gallery in historic downtown Wilmington - very exciting!
This is a video tour of the gallery showing the range of artwork you can find there - there really is something for everyone - artwork, prints, pottery, sculptures, jewelry, on & on... take a look in the video tour!

River to Sea Gallery, original art & custom framing...
gallery tour highlighting local Wilmington artists. Join gallery owners Tim
& Rebecca Duffy Bush on a tour of their new permanent gallery space - River
to Sea Gallery in Chandler's Wharf in historic downtown Wilmington, North
Carolina. Featuring 30 of Wilmington's most talented 2D & 3D artists, the
River to Sea Gallery offers acrylics, oils, photography, limited editio giclee
prints, pottery, jewelry, stained glass, greeting cards, custom framing and much
much more.

My husband and I have collected quite a few things over the years from Becky & Tim, and in June we visited the gallery and got a few more things from the pottery collections there! Here are a few pictures...

So, if you are ever in the area, go check out the gallery!

Updates, Sales, and News...

It's good to be back home! Here's what has been up since I've been away from the internet...

A fellow artist on zazzle, Zenyaris was kind enough to feature my love birds for two weeks in their gallery - very cool. Since then, I've gotten several sales on these postcards - even cooler!

I also sold this design for the first time ever..
(This picture always make me want to go bake... consider yourself warned.)

Over at Red Bubble, the All About Hearts group featured my Love Fireworks (it was voted in the top 10 for the "Young at Heart" challenge) and I just realized I'm a featured member of the group, too- awesome!

And lastly, I have a video to post of my sister-in-law's gallery down in Wilmington, NC... but I think I'll make another post for that... stay tuned!