Monday, August 24, 2009


My husband started a new blog this weekend called John Duffy's Encore. I'm tempted to make fun of him in a playful sort of way because he always names everything after himself... first and last name - John Duffy's Places, John Duffy's Words, John Duffy's Sacrifices, John Duffy's Encore, not to mention always saying "hey this is John Duffy" when calling anyone on the phone - even to me or his parents who are well aware of his full name, which cracks me up. But I digress... this newest blog spawned over a conversation we had about music, youtube, great songs, and covers of great songs... We started searching youtube for cover songs and found some really blog-worthy stuff! I'm going to help out on the blog as a contributor of my favorite cover finds (good, bad, or just weird), so be sure to check it out! Lots of great music to come! Comments are welcome - I know everyone has opinions on covers!! :)

Happy Monday.

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