Saturday, August 8, 2009

Updates, Sales, and News...

It's good to be back home! Here's what has been up since I've been away from the internet...

A fellow artist on zazzle, Zenyaris was kind enough to feature my love birds for two weeks in their gallery - very cool. Since then, I've gotten several sales on these postcards - even cooler!

I also sold this design for the first time ever..
(This picture always make me want to go bake... consider yourself warned.)

Over at Red Bubble, the All About Hearts group featured my Love Fireworks (it was voted in the top 10 for the "Young at Heart" challenge) and I just realized I'm a featured member of the group, too- awesome!

And lastly, I have a video to post of my sister-in-law's gallery down in Wilmington, NC... but I think I'll make another post for that... stay tuned!

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