Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm a ProSeller!

Luckily today I actually checked my spam folder before I deleted it and found an email from Zazzle letting me know I've reached the first level (bronze) of Pro-Seller status! I'm not really 100% sure what all the benefits of this are, but I do get to log in to a ProSeller forum to connect with other prosellers to get tips, and I get this super-cool, elite icon to post wherever I want to...
And look how cute it looks next to my shop name... Yay. :)
After a long, hard week at my day job, this has definitely brightened my day. And it's inspired me to try and find more time to work a little harder (and perhaps get to the silver status at some point)! So THANKS to everyone who's purchased my designs - It is always exciting and flattering, and I appreciate it more then you know!

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