Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hey all... I should've made this post last month, but better late than never...

So I used to send out an email "newsletter" type of thing with updates and such (coupon codes, new designs, holiday info. etc), but I just don't know how to make all that look pretty in emails. And when you're sending out updates on your artwork, there should probably be pretty pictures involved, right?

So in December I switched it to a newsblog instead. If you don't feel like reading through the posts on this blog, you can visit my end of the month newsblog and get the information there, all condensed and full of pretty pictures. :)

If you want to be notified when this blog is updated, you can either "follow" the blog, or you can join my mailing list, and I will email you (only once a month) when I post.

Thanks for the interest!!

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