Wednesday, September 15, 2010

News and such...

     Just a reminder; today is the last day for free shipping over at my shop. I'm bummed about this because I've been so busy lately that I haven't even been able to take advantage of it! Hope some of you can! 

     As for future promo's and codes, I'm going to start posting them under the "Promotions" tab up there at the top of the page. Last weekend I spent some time using blogger's new template designer thingy, and I realized I could add tabs... so I did.  :)   Instead of creating blog posts, I'll just update the Promotions page with the most current sales, etc.

     In other news, my work scedule has changed (for the worse), and I'm not getting home until much later than usual. That doesn't leave me with as much time for painting or blogging, so the blogs here may get even more infrequent than they were.  Hopefully this won't be permanent and I can get back to posting new designs really soon. :( 

For now, here's the last fully finished one called "A Tree Full of Wishes."

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