Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanks, Lucky Dog!!

Sleepover Binder
   One of the great things about selling on zazzle is the ease of communicating with customers.  With the click of the mouse, they can email me with any questions or design requests they might have. I get a lot of customization questions, and I always love hearing from people considering purchasing my designs... what could be more flattering?!
   But, I almost never hear from anyone after they have ordered.  It would be awesome if we (zazzle sellers) could follow up with buyers to make sure everything turned out okay, but we have no access to customers personal information.  SO, when I got an email from a recent customer asking me if she could blog about my designs, I was more than thrilled about it!  A huge thanks to Lucky Dog for letting me know that the products she ordered turned out well and were worth buying. Made my week. :)

Sleepover Print
*Side note to people who shop on zazzle: Feedback is really important, so if you've ever ordered from a zazzle seller, consider shooting them a quick email to let them know what you think!   As designers, we don't get to see the final products unless we order it ourselves! I don't think everyone realizes that the only thing we can control is the actual artwork/design. So if you receive an item that the color is off or the text is too small or whatever, let us know.  We all want to make our shops and products the best they can be and you can definitely help with that! :) 

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  1. You are more than welcome!
    Keep creating and making art!!! XOXO