Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Week... Doctors, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes - oh my!

Well, I'd been doing good with all the new challenge/weekly inspiration blogs up until this week!  It's been busy getting ready for the baby, and I guess I've hit the exhaustion phase.  I'm super tired all the time, and of course can't sleep comfortably enough to get any good sleep. I guess that's just preparing me for when baby arrives!  But it didn't leave me with much energy to create!   I also had a disappointing doctor's appointment that I was told would end with a plan, but instead ended with a wait-til-next-week, and anyone who's been pregnant knows the last few weeks seem like a lifetime!

Scaredy Cat
We also had a earthquake! Some people make fun of a little 5.9, but when your house is shaking and you are home alone, ready to go into labor anytime - that's a pretty big deal! Luckily there wasn't any damage unless you count a few pictures falling and one of my cats now having PTSD!  Poor thing wouldn't come upstairs for the rest of the day. When she finally got up the courage, she took one step at a time, sitting on the second step for over 2 hours before she finally made it - treats and food didn't even help her!  She was so cute, I had to take a picture. :)

And now, a hurricane! I haven't checked around yet for a wet basement or on my newly planted flowers in the backyard.  It's a little too early in the morning for bad we'll see later today how everything held up.  But the point of all this is, I've missed all the inspiration this week!  But today's Sunday, and I'm determined to get up a Sunday Sketch later today! And to do better this week about updating. So stay tuned!

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