Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sweet Saturdays

"Bird Watching"
 My cat is convinced that all of the newly moved in baby gear is for her.  I can't blame her... she fits in it all nicely.

Her favorite was the changing table, which I had next to the nursery window on the top floor of the house... the perfect place for bird watching- her favorite past-time.  She got so bad about being up there, I actually had to rearrange the room and keep the door closed.

I thought that might solve the problem, but now she's laid claim to the cradle, the bassinet, the glider, and the nursery in general... she loves it in there.

I try to scold her, but she's just so cute, I usually just end up taking pictures of her instead.  I'm assuming a screaming baby will quickly take care of the issue, but for now, I think she's sweet enough for this week's Sweet Saturdays post!

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Bird Watching stampBird Watching mousepadBird Watching, Blank card


  1. awww...too cute! Definitely a perfect Sweet Saturday Share!

  2. that's so cute, but I hope she doesn't mind too much when baby comes!

  3. what a doll. she looks like my daughter's cat. he got into everything too.

  4. oh your cat is so cute!!!! what a puuuuurfect submission to sweet saturdays!!!!