Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Splish Splash

 The theme this week over at Creative Tuesdays is April Showers

This design is an older one that I called "Rain Shower", so I think it's quite fitting! If I were one of these birds, (as much as I'd like to say I'd be the one splashing around in the puddles), I'm pretty sure I'd be the one curled up in the nest enjoying the rain singing me to sleep...

Rain Shower, Cheer Up zazzle_card

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  1. i really like the way you did the treee....the cury lines and the colors of the leaves!
    cute style!

  2. Always enjoy your style, Tiffany. lovely fun fresh piece. humourous too. Welcome back to CT!! :) Ty.

  3. Hahahaha cute little bird, I love it just on it's own!

  4. aww...and you know I love the birds! :)

  5. This made me laugh with the bird having a bath. Just love your style and colours!